Monday, April 22, 2013

This Week

I will no longer be posting this school year on the blog because I will not be in the classroom.  Please see Mrs. Gregory, Mrs. Jones or Mrs. Dosher with any questions.


Finish reading The All American Slurp and answer all questions 1-7

Finish reading Names/Nombres and answer all questions

Test on both stories on Wednesday

Monday, April 15, 2013



Students need to update their Reader's Notebook.  How many novels have they read so far?  How many novels from each genre?  What do they need to read for the rest of the year?  Are they recording page numbers in the book?  Author? Title? Date Completed?  Was the novel easy? Just right? Challenging? 

Students also need to look over Grammar.  Do they know their helping verbs, being verbs, pronouns, nouns, articles and action verbs? Can they tell you what an adjective is? Interrogative Sentence? 


Students have a questionnaire that they are supposed to fill out that pertains to their family's culture and heritage. The questions are not limited to is just a guideline.  They also have a family tree to work on.  This is due Friday.  They may be creative and bring in artifacts, visuals, or recordings.

Students must complete grammar practice sheets.

Students must organize Reader's Notebook. 


Work on project :)

Project and Adjectives worksheet for 3rd core

Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone enjoyed their much needed "Spring Break!"  This week we will be finishing our unit on Poetry and we will review our Grammar Program.  Hopefully, next week we will start our unit on "Embracing Heritage."


Please have students read at home. 
Students should study their notes on helping verbs, being verbs, articles, nouns, pronouns, and action verbs.

Core 1-Study Grammar!! Helping Verbs, Action & Being Verbs, Pronouns, Articles, Nouns

Some students need to complete worksheet 10 (all students in core 2)