Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This week

We are looking at Sojourner Truth's speech "Ain't I a Woman."  We have talked about abolitionists and suffragists.

Students should finish annotating the speech tonight and work on analyzing an argument tomorrow.

I will meet with the students tomorrow about grades and missing work.  Please have them check their notebooks with their table of contents.  I will give them a progress report to look at and see what assignments they need to work on over break.

Table of Contents:

67- Critical Thinking Face of War
68- Face of War Test
69- Direct/Indirect
70-  Plot
71-  Tail Questions
72-  Theme
73-  Theme Checklist
74- Tail Test
75-Theme Practice Test Pincky's Promise
76- Bracelet Questions
77- Letter Questions
78-Letter Questions
79-After 20 yrs Questions
80-After 20 yrs Questions
82-  Letter Test
83-20 yrs Test
84-  Greensboro Boys
85- Greensboro Boys Part 2
86- Greensboro Boys Part 3
87- Denotations and connotations
88- Denotations and Connotations Just Right Word
89-Gold Cadillac Questions
90-Cornell Notes
91- Figurative Language
92- Sneetches Questions
93-Sojourner Truth Speech
94- Analyzing Argument-Speech
95- Writing Prompt/Questions

Make sure to complete Table of Contents and make sure all work is completed!! Check your progress report and if there are any blanks or zeros please complete by MONDAY!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Digital Presentations

Choose a digital Presentation:






Or PowerPoint

Directions:  Discuss in a group which theme the four stories share. Choose one theme that you all agree on and put it in the middle bubble.  Why did you choose that theme? Come up with 2-3 pieces of textual evidence from the four stories. 
1.       Prejudice can only be changed by gaining another perspective.
2.       The only real difference between people are what you have and what don’t have.
3.       Inequality can damage relationships.

Create a digital presentation (Prezi, PowerPoint, Glogster, Animoto, Powtoon, Voki, etc.) to compare and contrast the approaches to a common theme through different genres.  You will need to choose two of the four stories and provide textual evidence to support your claims.  Remember you already have your theme in your 4 square.  Develop a claim that show which two texts approach the theme the best and use textual evidence to support your claim.