Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Tuesday 1-26-10
1st Core
Decide on a Hero and finish brainstorming map

2nd Core & 3rd Core
Finish Hero paper. You may begin typing these at home but you must be able to save them on a flashdrive so you can type them in the computer lab on Wednesday.

Students are choosing a hero to write a paper about. This person can be anyone that is a hero in their eyes. The rough draft (they are writing tonight) needs to have four paragraphs.

Hero Paper Outline
Paragraph 1
State your hero and your two reasons why you chose this person.

Paragraph 2
Reason 1
Detail or example
Detail or example
Detail or example

Paragraph 3
Reason 2
Detail or example
Detail or example
Detail or example

Paragraph 4

Wednesday and Thursday
Students have finished essays

No homework

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Progress Report

I sent home another progress report with students yesterday. It was just a reminder of what they should have turned in. I gave students a chance to turn in work by Wednesday (today). I may add one more assignment to their report card....so their grade may change slightly. Students must have this signed. If students were absent yesterday they can complete the missing work during enrichment or recess. I can not give an extension since I have to have grades in by tomorrow.
Mrs. King

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Core 1
Test on Medusa's Head. Students need to study their story maps.
Core 2
Work on story map.
Core 3
Work on story map.

Story map....characters, setting, theme, conflict, plot

All Classes need to study their story maps for the test on Medusa's Head.

No Homework

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Projects Due Friday

Greek Mythology Projects are due Friday. Students researched their god or goddess in the library Thursday and Friday of last week. We were back in the lab on Monday and Wednesday. Students were able to spend Tuesday and (tomorrow) Thursday creating their project. They are allowed to work on these at home and at school. Please make sure your child's project will be ready by Friday. I have been very pleased with the research.
Mrs. King

Another website.....

Monday, January 11, 2010


Monday 1-11-10
Students need to work on projects at home.
Tuesday 1-12-10
Continue to work on projects
Finish Project
Finish Project

Presenting Projects on Friday

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mythology Unit

We have started our mythology unit. Students are researching topics to include on their mythology project. Each student chose a god, goddess, creature or mythical character to research. I have provided a packet with the information that they need. They can do additional research at home. They have an option to create a power point, cube, poster or trading cards. They also have the option of working with one other person. I included a rubric in their Mythology packet so they will know exactly what I am looking for.
Websites that may help them with their project:

http://www.carlos.emory.edu/ODYSSEY/GREECE/home.htmlGreek Mythology Project
Choose a god or goddess from Greek/Roman mythology to research.
Include on your poster, cube, PowerPoint, or trading cards.
1. The name and an illustration of the god or goddess.
2. An illustration of a myth in which the god/goddess appears. Be prepared to summarize or re-tell the myth to the class.
3. Include a family tree (brothers, sisters, parents, etc.).
4. Include any evidence of the god/goddess in the modern world. Think advertising…..Nike tennis shoes, Venus razors.
5. Include a map showing the location of the origin of your myth.
6. Must use Research Information for Prompt Worksheet. There is a lot of information to fill out.
Grades will be based on accuracy of information, quality of information included and CREATIVITY!
Research Information for Prompt and Project
Greek Name:
Roman Name:
Symbols associated with deity:
Special Powers:
Personality Traits:
Other Interesting Facts:
Evidence of the Deity in the Modern World:

Monday, January 4, 2010


Monday 1-4-10
No Homework

Sorry for the delay my site was blocked and I was not able to get on until today (Thursday)
Tuesday 1-5-10
No Homework
Mythology Packet
Continue to work on project
Continue to work on project