Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21st-25th

We finished discussing "Arachne" and students will have a test on the story tomorrow.  See previous post for the a copy of the story.

Homework:  Students need answer the question, What is symbolism? on page 11 in their notebooks.  They must also write about their most memorable birthday whether it is really good or really bad. 
Students received a new reading log today.  They must be reading every night, writing a summary and getting a signature. 

Students will take the test and then we will begin a new story called "Eleven." 

We will finish reading "Eleven" and answer questions 2 & 3 on page 12 in their notebooks.  We will continue to discuss Characterization, Plot, Theme, Point of View and Symbolism. 

Students are finishing plot, conflict and point of view.  Friday they will focus on figurative language, theme and sensory language.

Point of View Video

"Eleven" by Sandra Cisneros

Monday, September 14, 2015

This Week

We are starting Mythology this week.  Students will be reading "Arachne." We will focus on citing textual evidence, how culture shapes identity, elements of a story, characteristics of folklore, and characteristics of myths. 
The Story "Arachne"

Students have an interactive notebook for my class.  So far we have the first 10 pages completed.  Please look in their notebook and see if they have these completed and stapled in.  (tape is an option as well) We spend a few minutes everyday organizing their spiral notebook.  There should be a table of contents in the front of every one's notebook. 

Page 1: Folklore Identification Sheet
Page 2:  Reading Survey
Page 3:  Summer Essay
Page 4:  Group Work on Folktales
Page 5:  He Lion Questions
Page 6:  Show me the Evidence
Page 7:  Cite the Evidence
Page 8:  He Lion Test
Page 9:  Cornell Notes
Page 10:  Graphic Organizer for Myths and Cause and Effect

Book Challenge Section in their Binder:
Students also have a 30 Book Challenge this year.  They should be reading every night at home. They must also keep up with a reading log.  So far students should have completed a Folklore, Fantasy and Free choice.  They may be working on one of these.  Please check that they are completing this.

Extra Credit:
Write a letter to the teacher stating that you have looked at your child's notebook, read the website and reviewed the Book Challenge and novels or books read so far. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 7-11th

Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed their extended weekend!
 This week we will finish "He Lion, Bruh Bear and Bruh Rabbit."  Students will have an open book test tomorrow on the story and we will begin our next story "Arachne," a Greek myth. 
Reading Notebook:  Students should have something on the first 5 pages.

Homework: Read 20-30 minutes each night and look over notes.