Friday, October 10, 2008

Class Discussion on Persuasive Writing

This week students focused on Persuasive Writing. Students learned about thesis statements, reasons, examples, elaboration, and the format of essays for my class. Their essays should be in 5 paragraphs. {1st Paragraph-Hook the reader, thesis, and state your reasons 2nd Paragraph-Reason 1 with 3 supporting details 3rd Paragraph Reason 2 with 3 supporting details 4th Paragraph - Reason 3 with 3 supporting details 5th Paragraph-Restate Position/opinion, sum up major points, and have a powerful ending}. They were able to create Persuasion Maps on and they wrote two essays. Students were very motivated to write the last essay which persuaded their parents to buy them a gift. Students should have a writing section in their notebook that has Persuasion Notes, a template for a Persuasion Map, Transition Words worksheet, Powerful words and Organizer worksheet, and an Assignment sheet on Gift Essay.

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