Monday, August 31, 2009


-Read pgs 4-5 and fill out definitions on your Cornell Notes
-Pictures are Tomorrow. Students need to bring money if they are purchasing pictures.
-Bring in Paperwork that needs to be signed.

Students need to complete homework from Monday night. Tomorrow is the last day that they can receive credit.
Several students still need to turn in paperwork signed.
Agendas need to be signed every night. This will be a grade. I recommend signing by each subject.
Biocube is due on Friday!
Write a summary of your cornell notes (pgs 4-5) this is at the bottom of their cornell notes.

Students must have agenda signed every day. They will receive a grade this week. They may need to "catch up."
Biocubes are due on Friday.
2nd and 3rd Core need to finish questions on page 48 (1-8)

-Students need to finish journal response on whether they feel children should be paid for chores.
-Some may need to finish an open book test on "Greyling" and "Drive In Movies." This is in their literature book.
-Biocubes are due Friday!

No homework unless......students did not finish biocube, journal response and paperwork signed.

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