Monday, October 5, 2009


1st Core: pg 473 (1-3) and pg 484 (1-5)
2nd Core: Read page 378 and do the Reading/Writing Connection-journal response (2 paragraphs)
3rd Core: Journal response

1st core: Journal response
2nd Core: pg 385 (1-4)
3rd Core: None

Core 1: questions on page 382 1-8
Core 2: no homework
Core 3: no homework

Core 1: Finish Questions on page 382
Core 2 and 3:Classwork for 2nd and 3rd core to be finished for homework if not finished in class. Make a double map and list 5 differences for each story(10 total) and 5 likes. Then respond in a paragraph why you think they chose the title Miracle Worker for the movie.

1st Core: 1st page of study guide front and back
2nd Core: Finish study guide
3rd Core: finish study guide
Study for Fiction and Nonficiton Test (on Tuesday)

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