Friday, November 13, 2009

Research/Writing Prompt

We will be in the library for a week learning about research. At the end, students will actually begin their first research project. They will be researching a country and two festivals from two different cultures that they are interested in. After the research, they will write an essay (pulled from the 7th grade writing test). We will be preparing them for the writing test and helping them with their writing/grammar skills.
Mrs. Holub's Plans for the week in the library
Monday - What is plagiarism?
· Stephanie Meyer article
· Tutorial
· Zeus
· Rewrite article on the Azalea Festival

Tuesday - Bibliography
· Bibliography – book, encyclopedia, web page
· Paper – Computer (Word)
· If time – Atlas – what country do you want your festival to be in?

Wednesday – On-line Sources
· Destiny
· Teach Advance Google Search
· NC Wise Owl
· Pick a festival – find the name of the festival/place and begin taking notes – cite sources

Thursday – Printed Sources
Students will take notes on their country/festival – cite sources
· Atlas
· World Almanac
· Encyclopedia
· Other resources

Friday – Finish research on festival
Students will work on taking notes for their research.

Writing Prompt for the Following Week
Almost all world cultures throughout history have had festivals. These festivals may have been used to celebrate significant events in life, to pay tribute to the Earth or ancestors, to ask for good fortune, or to keep cultural traditions alive.
Your school is interested in holding an International Festival Day to celebrate the diversity of different cultures in the world. Your principal has asked students to submit ideas for different festivals from around the world that could be recreated for the schools’ International Festival Day.
Your Task:
Conduct research on festivals in the countries you are to study this school year. (South America, Central America, Russia or Europe). Then, compose a letter to your principal suggesting two festivals from two different cultures that you believe would be valuable to include in the International Festival Day. In your letter include the following:
· The cultures that the festivals are associated with and the origins of the festivals.
· The purpose of the festivals.
· The time of year of the festivals and the length of the festivals.
· The main event or events of the festivals.
· A justification as to why you believe the two festivals you chose would be valuable to include in the International Festival Day.

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