Friday, October 10, 2014

Notebook and Book Challenge

30 Books
Students have a 30 book challenge (requirement) for this school year. Please make sure they are reading every night.  They have specific genres that they are supposed to be reading.  Check their notebook pages 15-21.

Notebook Check
Students must keep up with their notebooks in my class.  They must be on specific pages for each assignment. 
Last notebook check and previous pages:

page 23 & 24-Bellringers
page 25 He Lion Test
page 26 Grammar Quiz
page 27 & 28-Bellringers
page 29 Arachne Reading Warm Up
page 30 Arachne Myth Sheet
page 31 & 32 Bellringers
page 33 Arachne Test
page 34 Grammar Quiz
page 35 Cause & Effect
page 36 Questions For Tiger Who Would King/The Ant and the Dove
page 37 Questions for The Lion and The Bull
page 38 Notebook check page
page 39 & 40 Bellringers
page 41Grammar Verb Sheet
page 42 Grammar Sheet 7

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