Monday, March 2, 2015

This Week

Students have a new reading log that will be graded on Mondays.  Please make sure that students are reading every night and filling out their reading log.  Parents must sign these at the end of the week.

We go to the library every Wednesday to check out books.  I really work with students on finding novels that I think that they will like.  This nine weeks students have specific genres to focus on... (Science Fiction, Mystery and Free Choice) They will need a novel in my classroom everyday. 

Students chose a Book Report to complete with the novels that they are currently reading.  The Book Report is due March 20th.  We are focusing on Science Fiction and Mystery.  Please make sure your child is completing the report on a novel they are reading now and that it fits the genre requirement. 

Ask your child about argumentative writing! We are looking at persuasive writing, arguments, claims, reasoning, and supporting arguments.

Your Phone Can Ruin Your Life

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