Thursday, February 25, 2010

Holocaust Web Quest Due Friday

You will be researching background information on the Holocaust. Go to these sites for information. You will read the first website and go through each page, including photos and videos. Extra information can be obtained on the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website. Click on “Articles A-Z” then look up topics.
1. What is the Holocaust?
2. Who was affected by the Holocaust?
3. What happened?
4. When did this start?
5. Who was involved?
6. What is Genocide?
7. What is Anti Semitism?
8. What is the Nazi Party?
9. Persecution of the Jews began with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party’s rise to power. What year was this?
10. What was the objective/goal of the “Final Solution”?
11. How many Jews died?
12. What percentage of European Jews was killed by 1945?
13. What did the Nazi do on Kristallnacht?
14. What does “pogrom” mean?
15. What was the outcome for Jews from Kristallnacht?
16. What are concentration camps?
17. What started WWII?
18. What were the “Jewish Ghettoes”?
19. How were these used by the Nazi?
20.Who are the SS and what did they do?
21. What does Liberation mean?
22.What happened to the Nazi leaders?
23.Which country was most famous for help in rescuing Jews? (go to holocaust museum page)

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