Friday, February 19, 2010


I have been out this week. Students have had a lot of work. They need to make sure that it is all done by Monday. It will be separate Class Work Participation Grades. All work should be stapled and labeled with titles and page numbers.
Friday's Work 2-12-10
Cornell Notes pg 762-763
Read Story (The Tiger Who Would Be King and The Ant and the Dove) 780-781 and answer questions 1-8 on page 782.
Write a fable on page 783
Connecting to Literature
Review Notes and Finished work from Friday
Connecting to Literature
James and the Giant Peach pg 825-832
Questions 1-4
pg 833 Comparing Elements of Fantasy Chart
pg 834 questions 1-5
Connecting to Literature
Why the Tortoise's Shell is not Smooth
Answer Questions 1-9 pg 856
pg 859 1-3
Preposition Notes
Worksheet 15

Review/finish work and go over worksheet 15

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